Good Day Tools LLC is an emerging producer of innovative products in the HVAC/R Industry.    While everyone else seems to be making the same ole same ole, we strive reshape industry standards with practical, affordable, and easy to use solutions.



The DDSM1 – Draft Simulator

The DDSM1 – Draft Simulator – Now sold exclusively by FIELDPIECE INSTRUMENTS  Designed to simulate the negative pressure created by the draft inducer at start-up, when used with a manometer, the DDSM1 produces a consistent vacuum pressure that is adjustable to the furnace pressure, and it will maintain that pressure from 0 – 100 inches of column water, depending on the bleed port.  Its patented technology is now being used by Fieldpiece Instruments.  We are proud to see it flourish in their capable hands, and they will be advancing its technology even further.

Clog Popper™ - Condensate Clearing Tool

Clog Popper™ – Condensate Drain Clearing Tool

The Clog Popper™ - The Clog Popper™ is the most effective and affordable condensate drain clearing tool on the market today that allows just about anyone to unclog a condensate drain within seconds.   The Clog Popper™ easily clears condensate drains without the need for a bulky pump that wears down or the constant use of CO2 Cartridges that expand our landfills and pollute our precious atmosphere. Because of its unique design, stainless steel rod, and lack of moving parts, it is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. For more info CLICK HERE.